Ground decision

the full set of gaming products for ground gaming institutions
Decision for terminals
Self-service terminal for betting with touch-screens
Custom customer interface is developed in order to show the best conditions to the players and which included all offers of Sportsbook
Software is supported the wide range of ready terminals and individual components from leading manufacturers
Options: enter cash/withdrawal ticket, TITO system, prepaid custom coupons, direct authorization
Dual screens system for branded marketing, statistics, streaming content, etc.
The decision for tablets is the perfect alternative for operators who have a lot of space
Cash program
Improved functions
Full sportsbook
Simple and fast user interface
The ability to process bets with the help of “CallOver”
“SlipCapture” - written instructions of the customer (soon)
Centralised management
Prematch coefficients and outcomes of the game
Back-office powerful tool and accountability
“MarkSense” prematch OMR coupons (in a short time)
Pocket BetShop

Pocket BetShop – is a handheld device allows the operator to accept bets anywhere and instantly print the ticket and to give it to the player.

With the help of this device, operators can also make instant payments for winning bets. This device improves the competitiveness of our partners and gives them more opportunities to engage players.

Full sportsbook
Easy and fast user interface
Location independence
Instant bets and printing
Instant payoff the bets
Functions of back-office and accountability
Sportsbook monitoring
Sportsbook Monitoring through innovative reporting system (including registration, deposits, cash flows, bets and much more - all updated in real time)
Bets reports in real-time mode
with detailed segmentation by PPP, agents, players, kinds of spors, games (including pre-match, live and others)
(with a detailed and categorized data about the currency and types of bets)
  • Coefficient regulating system
  • PPP estimation report
  • Winnings reports/players loses
  • Coefficient report with players action classification
  • Universal system of bonuses for PPP and players
  • Complex players segmentation
  • Players categorization
  • Terminal reports
  • The aggregated reports of activity payment gateway
  • Total sales report
Fraud prevention and risk management
The fully automated compilation of coefficients
according to the data obtained from the markets. The coefficients are adjusted in real time mode (taking into account the General trend of the markets, enrolment bets and other factors).
Risk management at user level
(via General user limits and on the level of event/category (via risk categories)
Managing of betting limits
bets delay, cash flow control, segmentation skills
Identity authentication
by email
Responsible playing
Secure internal messages system
Bonus system
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