Marketing decisions

for attracting and retention of players
Promotion of online casino and sites with sport bets in internet - are the core services of WORLD OF CASINO.
Specialist of our company have required experience and knowledge in order to consult the future operators concerning marketing questions, whereby providing the possibility of building a successful and profitable business.
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WORLD OF CASINO experts will provide consultation concerning such directions:
And also to provide the following services:
Marketing support from WORLD OF CASINO –
is the advantage, which will contribute to Your business to be more dynamic and successful
Affinity Marketing
Innovative marketing tools, including banners, banners for live coefficients, XML feed and HTM5 banner control programme
Advanced and intuitive managing tools of partners
Administrative panel, which is based on Internet-technologies
Advanced tracking and statistics. Custom reports
Multi currency interface
Multilinguality connection of any language
System monitoring of partners in 24/7 mode
Agency system
Develop a business with easy, effective and profitable agent system
The activity of agents may
double the base of active
operator players
Time of effective presence of players is increasing , because the agents may place a bets
Increasing of average
players expenses
Players get broad access
to play
and lose
gambling time
connection of any language
Operator risks are minimized,
because the payment to agents depends from operator profit (commission remuneration of agents is not fixed in advance)
CRM system for customer relationship managing
Creates an effective target marketing companies fast and easy
  • Company planning, dispatch of e-mails via key communicative channels (SMS and e-mail)
  • Conducting of a company
  • Segmentation of existing player base
  • Configuration of target groups
  • Creation of special marketing companies
  • Generation of smart reports via 60 key efficiency factors
  • Multilinguality
  • Based on internet-technologies
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